13 Tips for Designing Promotional Bottles Your Customers Will Love

Promotional bottles have gained popularity as a creative and eco-friendly way to keep your brand in the hands of your customers across Australia. But how do you design these bottles to ensure they’re appreciated, loved, and used daily? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to design promotional bottles that will resonate with your target customers.

1. Understand Your Audience

Before you begin designing your custom promotional bottles, take a moment to understand your target audience. What are their preferences, lifestyles, and values? Eco-friendly storage solutions are likely important to them, so consider materials and designs that reflect this ethos.

2. Choose the Right Material

Selecting the right material is crucial for both aesthetics and environmental impact. Options like stainless steel, glass, or BPA-free plastics are popular for their durability and sustainability. Each material has its unique appeal and can influence the overall design and functionality of the bottle.

Here’s a quick summary of some popular materials and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Material Pros Cons Best Suited For
Stainless Steel

   – Durable

   –  Doesn’t retain flavours

   – Often insulated to keep

   – Heavier can be more expensive

     – Outdoor activities

     – Everyday use

Plastic     – Lightweight 

    – Affordable

    – Many designs & features (e.g., collapsible)

    – Recyclable

    – Limited Lifespan

     – Gym

     – Casual use

     – Travel

Glass    – Chemical-free taste

   – Easy to clean

   – Recyclable

     – Fragile

     – Heavy

     – Home and office use

     – Everyday Flavoured drinks


   – Lightweight

   – Durable

    – Lining can degrade over time

      – Hiking

      – Camping

      – Every day use

 3. Incorporate Your Brand Identity

Your promotional bottles should reflect your brand. Incorporate your logo, brand colours, and other elements that make your brand recognisable. However, ensure the design is tasteful and doesn’t overwhelm the aesthetics of the bottle.

4. Focus on Functionality

A well-designed bottle is more than just a pretty object; it needs to be functional. Consider features like spill-proof lids, sparkling-safe materials, insulation properties, and ergonomic designs that enhance the user experience.

5. Keep It Simple

When it comes to designing promotional bottles, simple designs are usually better. A clean, minimalist design can be more effective than a busy, overly complex one. This approach appeals to a wider audience and ensures that your brand message is clear and impactful.

6. Use Colour Wisely

Colour can evoke emotions and convey messages without words. Choose colours that align with your brand and the preferences of your target audience. However, be mindful of how colours might interact with the bottle’s material and affect the overall look.

7. Leverage Texture

Textures can add a unique feel to your promotional bottles. Consider matte finishes, grip enhancements, or logos that stick out to make your bottles stand out and be more enjoyable to use.

8. Eco-friendly Practices

As more consumers become eco-conscious, ensure that the design and production of your bottles follow eco-friendly practices. This could involve using recycled materials, ensuring recyclable bottles, or adopting sustainable manufacturing processes.

9. Personalisation Options

Offering personalisation options can significantly increase the appeal of your promotional bottles. Allowing customers to add their names, choose colours, or select from various lid styles can make the bottles feel more personal and valued.

10. Packaging Matters

Don’t overlook the packaging of your promotional bottles. Eco-friendly packaging that can be reused or recycled aligns with the values of eco-conscious consumers and enhances the overall unboxing experience.

11. Durability is Key

Ensure that the bottles are designed to last. Durable products offer better value for your clients and reflect positively on your brand’s commitment to quality.

2. Test Your Designs

Before finalising your design, conduct tests to ensure that the bottles meet your standards for quality and functionality. This could involve testing for leak-proofing, durability under various conditions, and the longevity of the design elements.

13. Tell a Story

Lastly, every design should tell a story. Whether it’s your brand’s story, the bottle’s eco-friendly journey, or a narrative that resonates with your audience, make sure your promotional bottles have a story to tell.


Designing custom promotional bottles offers a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression. By following these tips, you can create promotional bottles that are not only practical and sustainable but also cherished by your customers for their thoughtful design and alignment with eco-friendly values. 

Remember, the key to designing promotional bottles that your customers will love lies in a deep understanding of your audience, a commitment to quality and sustainability, and a touch of creativity that sets your brand apart. Now, it’s time to design your company’s promotional bottles.

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