Kool Eco Socks made from recycled bottles!

This new range of environmentally friendly REPRIEVE ECO SOCKS are made from 100% recycled plastic drink bottles, YES PLASTIC DRINK BOTTLES!

It takes approximately 4 plastic drink bottles to make one pair of socks. The process starts with the shredding of the bottles into small plastic pellets which are then melted into liquid form, the liquid is cooled, stretched and spun into a fibre called Reprieve. The finished Reprieve fibre is then knitted into socks and finally digitally printed with their individual designs.

Source Direct through its innovation partner is proud to be able to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment, whilst also helping to reduce our customers personal carbon footprints one step at a time.

Available in One Size Fits Most and a range of designs. Eco socks are certified carbon neutral and made in New Zealand.

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