After an unexpected 6 month stay in hospital and with a new perspective on life, Master Coffee Roaster Adrian from Art of Espresso created an exciting new blend of roasted coffee beans to celebrate the Art of Espresso 20 year anniversary in August this year.

The new roast is called “The Blues Blend”. It’s blusey, smokey and funky with a true coffee edge that glides through the palate like a John Lee Hooker riff that sears the soul on a hot Memphis night !!

And so, with added excitement our discussions led to an extension of the Blues Blend range to include custom made artisan coffee scrub soaps! The coffee scrub soaps actually include some of the unique Blues Blend Coffee grind in the ingredients. It smells and looks fantastic!

And utilising the Blues Blend Coffee Grind pack design elements the custom label soaps look great as well.

Art of Espresso has been delighted with the success of the new Blues Blend Coffee Roast and the unique artisan made coffee scup soaps that they now stock as a staff/customer reward and retail sales item at their popular coffee outlets.

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