Source Direct celebrates 10 years Carbon Neutral!

Source Direct provides bespoke water bottles and uniquely different premium products to their customers. Source Direct pride themselves on an unmatched dedication to customer service and delivering a product that is desirable and exceeds their client’s expectations. Source Direct understands that the Industry in which they work generates greenhouse gas emissions in producing and distributing products. They also recognise “the urgent need to protect our natural environment and find more sustainable ways for our businesses to move forward together”.

Founder Ross Files explained; “I was aware of the importance of sustainability and that businesses needed to do more; so when we established Source Direct we decided to do it right from the outset; measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint and to encourage recycling of our products.”

Ross added, “We engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute in 2009 to fully measure the carbon footprint of our business; including our products. We then entered into a carbon offsetting program to achieve carbon neutrality across all of our products and operations.”

To encourage recycling of their products, Source Direct are registered suppliers for SA, NSW, QLD and the ACT EPA Container Deposit Schemes and can facilitate local purchase compliance into those States. They are also strongly committed to social causes. Source Direct makes regular donations to the Clown Doctors, a company which eases the stress of sick, hospitalised children.

To achieve NoCO2 carbon neutral certification, Source Direct undertook a carbon audit of their business and achieved net zero emissions through emissions reductions and carbon offsetting. Source Direct offsets their emissions by investing in Biomass Projects in India.

Biomass projects are implemented in small or large industrial plants. Their aim is to utilise agricultural waste or other non-renewable biomass residues as fuel to generate power and to lower the plants’ dependence on the local grid for electricity. Before these projects were implemented, the agricultural residues were not used. They were either burned without harnessing the resulting thermal energy, or simply left to decay, thereby generating methane emissions.

Since November 2009 Source Direct have offset over 4,200 tonnes of CO2e (greenhouse gas) emissions which is the equivalent of taking 1,167 Toyota Corollas off the road for an entire year!

If you’re looking for custom label water bottles or uniquely different products for your business, event or promotion, be sure to check out Source Directs’ product range and experience their first-class customer service.

Most importantly; when purchasing Source Directs’ products, you’ll know you’re making a difference!

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