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Give your guests a personalised wedding favour they'll remember! All it needs to be is a small token, something memorable to act as a reminder of your special day. If you're struggling for ideas, just ask. We have the solutions for you. Our personalised soy candle travel tins, artisan made premium soaps or our refreshing room sprays are an essential thank-you gift for your wedding. They are all hand-made and come with hours of care, attention and love. Available in an array of beautifully scented fragrances, these wedding bonbonnieres will add elegance to any table setting. We also offer personalised wrapped mints and mouth-watering lollies for your special occasion. Available in bulk to spread across the tables or we can package small quantities in individual take home packs, tins or bags as required. They are sure to be a real treat! Or why not provide fresh, thirst-quenching water to all your wedding guests with personalised labels branded with your unique theme and style? All of our wedding favours can be personalised for any other event.

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If you’re looking for a promotional drink bottle solution with affordable shipping to business or home, then you’ve found the perfect team for the job.

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