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Discover our Custom Labels for Water Bottles and refillable drink bottles; this practical solution contributes significantly to reducing plastic waste. By choosing reusable water bottles, you actively participate in the eco-friendly movement while enjoying a personalised and durable product.

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Why a Reusable Drink Bottle? – Take A Step Towards Sustainability

Custom drink bottles that are refillable align with a sustainable lifestyle and aim to help minimise the use of single-use plastics. Our bottles are designed to be reused and BPA-free.

When you choose a refillable option, you play a crucial role in preserving the planet by significantly decreasing plastic waste. Our labels and eco-friendly water bottles are versatile and designed for repeated use, ensuring durability, longevity and offering a sustainable solution to your hydration needs.

And to make them a special product, you can personalise them as a unique branded bottle. Explore our range of customisable options, and to request a quote, take the first step with us; we provide fast delivery


Australian-Made & Tested 

All of our products are made in Australia, BPA-free and safe for drinking, and we include a selection of different sizes, including 650ml, 750 ml and 800 ml for you to choose from.  In the customisation process, you can print your logo to create a unique result.

We offer different types of refillable bottles that you can customise; choose between our premium sports bottles, made from pure food grade Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), making it a durable yet easy to-squeeze option, our stainless steel bottle that comes in 12 stunning bottle colours and 3 unique lid styles (sipper, screw or flip valve lid) or check our double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel drink bottles have an extremely durable powder coated matt finish.


We Create Custom Labels for:

  • Refillable Bottles 


Unique Promotional Products at Source Direct

If you’re looking for a unique branded product, we are your team. At Source Direct, we offer a variety of promotional drink bottles in Australia. Customise the product according to your brand, event, or personal preferences.

From choosing colours to adding logos or artwork, we provide a seamless customisation process, ensuring each promotional drink bottle label and product reflects your style or brand identity. Our products include coffee cups, reusable cotton masks, eco socks, Ice Towels and more.

We aim to offer you a functional and bespoke product that speaks about your brand’s personality.


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Are you ready to make a lasting impact with customised refillable bottles? Request a quote and contact us to learn more about our other extensive range of products. Let’s create eco-conscious items that make a difference.

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